What are the best stock trading tips in India?

What are the best stock trading tips in India?

I feel traders mostly fail because of these two reasons:-

  1. Most of the traders want ready made tips and get rich quickly

2. Traders focus on developing a “ trading system” which they believe will deliver consistent returns

Most people after they lose their money with advisory firms then they focus on developing the trading system

Developing a system is stepping stone for being a good trader but if you fail at execution of your plan you will never be able to make money. Having the trust on the trading system and execution plays a vital role in their success in trading

Few things which can help in your trading:-

Always have an alternate plan to protect your capital if you have serious of consecutive losses in your trades . This can help you your emotions over rule you during losses.

Do not think about making overnight success. Be realistic in your expectation and always focus on creating wealth consistently.

If a trader wants to subscribe for tips providers, there is always a huge gap between the stock tips sent by the advisors and the trade executed by the trader. By the time a trade is executed, the stock price would have already shot up and thus we miss a trading opportunity. Most of the tips providers are bogus and they do not have any technical trading strategies. We at ReturnWealth recognized these drawbacks in the Stock Market trading and decided “There had to be a better way”, and so ReturnWealth was created. Our Core Motto was “Cut the losses small and ride the winners big”.

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