Step 1: Customer should open a trading account with Motilal Oswal and deposit  Rs.25,000 .
Step2: Customer registers with Returnwealth firm
Step3:Customer's trading account will be mapped to the Returnwealth algorithm
Step4:All trades triggered by our algorithm will be automatically mapped to customer's account and the same trades will be replicated in Customer's trading account​

Why Algo infrastructure fee?

In Returnwealth, we strongly believe if trades are executed hassle free making money in this markets becomes so easy. So the Algo fees are purely used for the below three reasons
1.Data feed
In Live markets to make trading decisions based on our algorithm we use live data feeds. In indian markets most of the data feed providers charges minimal amount of RS 1000 to get access to it.
2.Cloud server
We use amazon cloud server to have 100% uptime with internet connectivity
3.Auto Trader
We have a proprietary software which are used to place the trades into the trading terminal


One Time Algo Infrastructure Fees of Rs10000 irrespecive of the number of lots you trade
Software fee: pay only when you earn (15% profit sharing,lowest fee among the algotraders in india)
There are no other hidden charges. Be your own Boss! Let your money work for you.
Start doing Algo Trading with lowest charges in India..


1.Minimum Capital needed for trading?
One needs to have 25,000 to trade
2.Maximum risk involved in positional system?
Maximum drawdown is 30% of the capital
3.What is the positive expectancy in the system?
One needs to trade continuously for 4 months to overcome any worse drawdown scenarios and result in net profit
4.Average returns expected per anum?
One can expect average 35-40% returns on yearly basis

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