How risky is intraday trading?

How risky is intraday trading?

Not risking too much money on any given trade is essential for any day trader. Unfortunately, when most people start trading, they do not think about the risk that they are taking – only about the potential rewards.
In my view, three factors consider should be considered vital for intraday trading:-

1.Position sizing and risk reward
3.How much risk you take in a trade

Many people don’t understand the importance of stop loss in intraday trading. “Running a trade without stop loss is like driving a car without a brake”

As long as you have market moving intraday, there will always be money making opportunities. It is as lucrative as it always has been.

But yes, intraday trading is a zero sum game, and the competition is getting stiffer. So unless you have an edge over others in terms of skills, strategy, money management, brokerage, technology or anything else, it is quite tough to make money trading intraday. At best only 10% of the crowd makes money trading intraday consistently.


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