How do i improve my day trading?

How do i improve my day trading?

Normally Day trading is a zero-sum game. Below are some of steps which can help in improving day-trading

1.You should limit the number of trades you do:-

To increase your day trading profits, you must go beyond think about money. You need to focus on the quality of your trading setups.

If you limit your trades, you will see an improvement their quality. This will in turn lead a boost in your day trading profits over time.

2.Trading during volatile periods:-

During its volatile hours, price swings are longer. This implies a larger profit potential. Hence, a day trader often makes most of his profits during the most volatile time of the day.

During the dead periods, a day trader loses more as price movement is muted. These losses take the form of relentless whipsaws.

Many traders are trapped by the thinking that a day trader has to trade the entire session. Not true.

3.Finding low risk trades:-

Art of earning more is losing less. Don’t fix your attention on only how much you can earn. Pay attention to how much you stand to lose.

Keeping risk low in a volatile market is the basis of a sound trading strategy. A volatile market has powerful price swings. The usual context of a volatile market is high risk with high return. But if you can find a low-risk setup in that context, you end up with a high reward-to-risk ratio.


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