ReturnWealth aims to predict the financial markets using quantitative combined with statistical research.Our Core team develops predictive models to forecast bullish and bearish markets.

Returnwealth strongly believes that one should perform first before getting paid and when subscribers do not make money, there is no point in charging money for the service provided. The very intention of the service is to make profits at the end of the day for the subscribers.

  1. Many of the subscription services talk only about positive aspects of their service.
  2. Many of the subscription services are providing the services to make money for themselves irrespective of whether the subscribers make profit or loss.
  3. Many of the subscription services provide a free trial for a maximum period of a week.
  4. Almost all subscription services charge the users beforehand.

ReturnWealth is not based on a subscription model in the above sense. ReturnWeath subscription model is purely based on Performance of the trades generated. If for the month, the trades have made profits, pay only after the end of the month


1.Research and build predictive models that forecast trends in the markets
2.We apply the models to the markets using proprietary capital
3.Our aim is to make profits using the preprietary models we develop