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Returnwealth nifty auto trading system help our customers build wealth with limited risk and provide a service which is completely based on automated algorithms. Return Wealth algorithm has generated consistent returns of around 70% from the Year 2008 to 2017.

It is very important to understand that the Returnwealth nifty positional trading system is designed for long term growth. Your outlook and performance should be focused on annual growth not month to month returns. 70% of the gains that is generated by the system will be within a couple months so commitment to the system is important for long term success. The system generates between 65-95 trades per year in total.Algorithm’s number one priority is to maximize profits and reduce risk. ​​We are NSE registered authorized person in F&O segment





ReturnWealth has introduced a new feature where you can trade with on Nifty Algo System through our algo infrastructure. Whatever the trades the are generated by the Algo system would be automatically placed in your account which is fully automated and doesn't require any manual intervention.

Minimum investment to start with Returnwealth is Rs 50,000. Further additional investments can be made in multiples of Rs10,000

  • Pay one time algo infrastructure fee of Rs10000 irrespective of number of lots you trade
  • Pay only when you earn (15% profit sharing,lowest fee among the algotrading in india)
  • Customer need not spend any time in trading instead our algorithm will place the trades automatically in the customer's account .To start with us​​​​
1. Let's Know each other
We can talk over phone and discuss about our trading startegy and return & our fund and risk management methodologies and lot more
2. Open trading account
We will help you in the Motilal Oswal account opening process (Pan Card,Adhar Card,6 Months Bank Statement,Cancelled Cheque Leaf Required). Refer FAQ For Why Trading Account With Motilal Oswal
3. Invest Capital
Transfer intial investment of 25K to your trading account and then additional investments can be made in multiples of 10K as you decide to trade on
4. Our Algotrader trades for you
You enjoy stress free profits from here on Our Algotrader and execution team will take care of your trading.
5. Pay only for profit
We make money only when you make


Below is the equity curve of Trading 1 lot of Nifty from January 2012 to December 2018 has given almost 11600 Nifty Points.


1. Nifty Algo system performance for 2012:+1587

2. Nifty Algo system performance for 2013:+2360

3. Nifty Algo system performance for 2014:+2856

4. Nifty Algo system performance for 2015:+2841

5. Nifty Algo system performance for 2016:+710


Nifty trading strategies built on statistical and mathematical models have historically offered higher returns than their benchmarks and mutual funds but they are not been open to every trader. If a trader wants to subscribe for tips providers, there is always a huge gap between the stock tips sent by the advisors and the trade executed by the trader. By the time a trade is executed, the stock price would have already shot up and thus we miss a trading opportunity. Most of the tips providers are bogus and they do not have any technical trading strategies. We at ReturnWealth recognized these drawbacks in the Stock Market trading and decided, “There had to be a better way”, and so ReturnWealth was created. Our Core Motto was "Cut the losses small and ride the winners big".


ReturnWealth Nifty trading system trades the Nifty futures contract using both long and short positions.The system generates between 65-75 trades per year in total.Algorithm number one priority is to maximize profits and reduce risk.​


1 lakh(2 lots) invested in this nifty trading system in Jan 2012 has made Rs.1 million by December 2016. That is 1000% returns in just 5 years.​We have a inbuilt superior algorithm which can intimate the clients about when to increase the lot size.​​Playing nifty three lots for one and half lakh and making 150 points a month, i.e 1800 points an year can make us 75*1800 = 1,35,000/- per anum with 1 1/2 Lac of capital. So basically we can get 90% return per anum with just 150 points per month on average basis

If we compound the capital year on year, Captial can be grown to 10 times in five years.​

So the algorithm that we have developed has not only beaten Nifty benchmark, it has also given much higher returns than Goldman Sachs fund.​

key factors of algorithm

  • Average Yearly Returns: 45-50%
  • Maximum Returns since inception:188%
  • Minimum Returns since inception: 32%.​
  • CAR/MAXDD :- 2.12
  • Risk:Reward :- 1:3

Advantages of being Returnwealth customer

  • Faster execution in fraction of second
  • Yearly returns that beats top mutual funds in India
  • Consistent returns year on year returns
  • Robust Money management system
  • Limited risk

For more details call +917708838702

Mail to: